“Don’t just change your clothes… change the world”  ~Craig Washington~

“Don’t just change your clothes… change the world” ~Craig Washington~

About Us

Welcome to a brand new reality! Welcome to Top Notch NME.

Top Notch is a state of mind that comes from within...that’s the NME (in me).

Top Notch stands for the highest point, the best, the top of the line. It’s an Elitist state of mind and my clothing line is an extension of my mindset. When I say “Elite” I’m not saying I’m better than anyone else, I’m saying that the force that drives me causes me to continuously seek the best in and of myself.

My love for sneakers started when I bought my first pair of black and red Jordans #6, I was 17 years old and I’ve been a sneakerhead ever since! Owning unique, head-turning clothing that expresses my personality has always been a must for me, you can’t insult your sneaker game by wearing anything less, it all has to come together flawlessly.

I never wanted to sacrifice quality and comfort in order to have a luxury feel. With Top Notch NME, I found a way where you can have the best of both worlds, it just makes sense.

Luxury street wear that doesn’t compromise on quality and comfortability and we definitely don’t skimp on style. It’s my promise to you that’s what we will consistently deliver.

My team and I have paid attention to every detail, creating pieces that are durable over time that can withstand multiple washing and wears. Some of our pieces are made of 100% cotton to ensure a soft comfortable & breathable element over your skin.  

You will notice vibrant street art and hints of black and gold throughout the collection, all paying homage to the street luxury that is Top Notch.

We have something for everyone, Men, women, and children and no outfit is complete without an accessory, so don’t forget to check out our accessories page as well. As we grow we will expand our sizing with some items going up to a 4x so check back often for updates.

Those who love to express themselves with authenticity and appreciate the aesthetic value of high-end streetwear. You are the ones we had in mind when we created these exclusive looks, this collection is for you!

This brand is an extension of who I am and I want those that wear my line to be inspired to be your own person to stand out but know that you will always fit in here with Top Notch NME because we’re family. I understand you have numerous options of where you choose to spend your money and I don’t take it lightly that you choose to support this collection. I am humbled and I Thank You!

We’ve started a new reality and we hope that you will make this collection part of your reality and take this journey with us to the highest point.

This is for the “Top Notch” in all of us!  Let's get it!